VidaMia - Almagro (Performance Series) men's shoes

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VidaMia - Almagro (Performance Series) men's tango shoes in black suede
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What is Total-Flex?VidaMia Almagro men's tango shoes in black suede. They are one of the Vida Mia Performance Series of shoes which feature replaceable insoles and extra space at the front. These shoes use our Total-Flex shoe design. They have suede soles and suede heel bottoms, and come only with 5/8 in (1.5 cm ) heels.

They come with Replaceable Insoles. When the insoles get old and smelly, just replace them with new ones. Don't throw away old shoes, just because of old insoles. You can even order an extra pair of insoles when you order the shoes (or anytime after).

 PLEASE NOTE: These shoes are available from stock. They are usually shipped in 1 or 2 days. The shoes are 100% guaranteed (even including your shipping and handling costs). Click here for more info.


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